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Bean to Cup Coffee

Bean-to-cup machines automatically grind and brew coffee via the espresso method. They are becoming more and more popular due to their ease of use and consistent results. Simply select 'Beans' from the grind options before adding your coffee to the basket, rather than selecting from our grind options. Coffee beans start to lose their flavour once ground, so using whole beans that are only ground moments before being used is the best way to use them.

There's no reason why any of our coffees can't be used in a bean-to-cup machine, as it's very much down to personal taste, however these are the varieties we particularly recommend.

Some bean-to-cup machines occasionally struggle with more oily varieties of coffee. In this case, we'd advise reading our guide on How to Prevent Oily Beans from Clogging Your Bean-to-Cup Machine, or going straight to our Low Oil Coffee Beans range.